Private Lessons

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Private lessons allow a player to work on every skill on the ice while focusing on specific skills and weaknesses they need help with. Edge work and body control is the foundation of being a good skater, as the game is just getting faster and faster that is a requirement these days.

Puck control and skating with situational awareness, why we working on this specific skill, how you will create more time or give yourself and advantage on the ice by doing things a certain way. With this learning we will be increasing the hockey IQ and becoming a smarter player on the ice.

I highly recommend lessons to any player who is looking to take their game to the next level and excel in the position they are looking to advance in.  No matter what age or level of hockey experience you have, I’m here to work with you and make you an overall better player.

Cost per skater

* Ice time is additional cost

Number of players 1 Hr 30 Mins
1 $80 each player $55 each player
2 $65 each player
3 $55 each player
4 $50 each player

Group / Team Training

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